Welcome to my first ever website.


As with virtually everybody who has internet access, I have had an allocation of web space, but no idea what to do with it. The availability of digital cameras changed that and I decided to put my holiday photos (with a boring narrative) on a site.


I like train travel and am not keen on flying, so found the website of  Great Rail Journeys and the holiday I selected was a ten day escorted tour called the Glacier Express. We travelled with a great group of people, who, for the most part, got on very well together. Some were real train fanatics and some used the train purely for practical purposes. A diverse group who came from all over Britain, from Aberdeen to Devon.


I planned this as a surprise for Jenny, my wife, who did not know where we were going until breakfast in the hotel in London, about three hours before we were due to depart on Eurostar. It was an unusual choice for us as we always travel independently and go self-catering, so an organised group tour staying in hotels was about as different as we could get to our normal. I put this on our evaluation and the company wrote back and suggested that I may like to look at one of their partners called Inntravel. I have and was very interested - maybe some time in the future.


I took something in the region of 300 photos and all the ones that I would be prepared to let the public see are here! Some are good, some are mediocre and some are plain rubbish I leave it to you to decide which fits into which category! As I have already mentioned, this is my first ever website, so please, please email me with any comments.


Legal / Practical Stuff

My photos amount to approx. 207 Mb so they have all had to be reduced in size to fit on the site. If you click on any picture on the main dated pages (not the “additional photos pages”), you will be taken to a page that displays a larger version (click Back on your browser to return). You are welcome to use any photo(s) in any way you want, just so long as I am credited for them. If you want the original (full-size photos) email me with details and I can either email them back to you, or send a CD. Each full size photo is about 600 kilobytes.